No fires locally. Get the latest on Sierra National Forest fire conditions here.
Join in on fun in the Shaver Lake Recreational Region. Frisby Golf at China Peak.
Find adventure in the Sierra Forest, go for a ride with a riding stable or pack station.

Shaver Lake Triathlon Sept. 27

Fresno County's longest-running multisport event, the Shaver Lake "Mile High Triathlon". Starts at Camp Edison. Compete in either the Sprint or Olympic distance. Get details here.

Bird Watchers see Western Tanagers

Migrating through the area now! Bring your binoculars and enjoy the  males’ bright colors, also listen for a loud, hoarse, rising-and-following song of two, three, or four-note phrases. Lern more here...

Bring your Bike Ride our trails

Shaver Lake Volunteers is a group of enthusiasts who work to develop opportunities for active recreation in the area. By building and maintain trails for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country (Nordic) skiing.

10k Fish Planted in Shaver Lake!

Great news! The Department of Fish and Wildlife has planted 10 thousand trout in Shaver Lake this August and many are trophy size. Come up, bring your family and catch one today!
SAR Wild Run infromation See our map